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Van Laecke Group

Van Laecke Group includes three companies: Van Laecke Machines, Marcom Recycling and Van Bemmel Recycling. These companies have a wide and complementary assortment of recycling machines, earth-moving machines and agricultural machines.

Companies in the building and road construction, dredging and harbour industry, agriculture, greenery and forest management and the production of biomass and compost can go to Van Laecke Group for advanced machines and installations of very reliable and high-quality brands like Terex Finlay, Terra Select, Allu, Jenz, Backhus, Ploeger and Hyundai.

At Van Laecke Group you can fully rely on years of experience and expertise in specialised machines with high processing capacity and thorough knowledge of the specific requirements in the recycling, building and agricultural sector. You can rely on extensive expert advice with your purchase, so your machine or installation always perfectly matches your work activities. Also after purchase Van Laecke Group remains your partner and you can rely on expert machine maintenance, repair and service.